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Nutritional Value And Chemical Composition Of Selected Fodders; Lucerne, Greenleaf Desmodium, Sweet Potato Vines And Chicory Supplemented To Boma Rhodes Grass Hay, As Feed Intervention To Be Adopted By Smallholder Dairy Farms In Bomet County | C W Oktoto  J O Ondiek  O A Ndambi  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Aug,2023  super premium
This study evaluated the nutritional value and chemical composition of five selected fodders; Boma Rhodes, lucerne, greenleaf Desmodium, chicory and sweet potato vines which were collected from the farm in Bomet County and taken for chemical analysis in the Animal Nutrition laboratory in Animal Science department at Egerton University. These

Carcass And Organ Characteristics Of Growing Rabbits Fed Graded Levels Of Dried Pineapple Pulp As Replacement For Maize | M.E. Adeolu  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Aug,2023
This study examined the effects of feeding rabbits with increasing amounts of dried pineapple pulp instead of maize. Pineapple pulp, a by-product of juice extraction, was collected, sun-dried for 5 days, and used to formulate diets. Dried pulp replaced maize in five experimental diets (1-5) at inclusion levels of 0%,

Influence Of Four Organic Media On Growth, Yield And Shelf Life Of An Exotic Garlic (allium Sativum) Variety | Atugwu, Agatha Ifeoma  Nweze, Emilia. Ifedilichukwu  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Aug,2023
Garlic is the second most widely used spices crop of Allium after onion (Hamma et al., 2013). It has medicinal properties which are well recognized in the control and treatment of hypertension, worms, germs, bacterial and fungal diseases, diabetes. This experiment was carried out in the Teaching and Research farm

Empowering Homes With Low Voltage Dc Distribution Systems: An Overview | Md Wahiduzzaman Rakib  Boker Agili, PhD  Brian Nutter, PhD, PE  Miao He, PhD  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Electrical Engineering | Aug,2023  super premium
In recent years, there has been significant research interest in microgrids due to their potential to enhance power quality, reliability, and efficiency. Microgrids are small-scale power grids capable of operating independently or in conjunction with the main grid. To harness their benefits, there is a growing emphasis on integrating sustainable

Addressing Pre-service Teachers' Challenges In Circle Theorems Through Mathematical Constructionism | Julius Apuri Achana  Edmund Anamboi Aduko  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Mathematics | Aug,2023  premium
This study investigates the efficacy of the constructionist method to teaching and learning in addressing the circle theorem problems of pre-service teachers at Gbewaa College of Education, Pusiga. The study employs an action research design and the sample consists of forty level 100A pre-service teachers. A questionnaire, pre-and post-tests were

Exploring The Implications Of Industry 4.0 On Human Resource Management: A Comprehensive Literature Review | Prof. Fathallah Ghanem  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Human Resource | Jun,2023  super premium
This study examines the implications of Industry 4.0 on Human Resource Management (HRM) through a comprehensive literature review. Initially, talks around Industry 4.0 focused exclusively on its technological features. However, there has been a noticeable change in recent years toward acknowledging the importance of HRM in the context of Industry

How Disruptions In Pharma Supply Chain Are Impacting Us Healthcare | Harish Battu  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Jun,2023  super premium
The pharmaceutical industry heavily depends on the smooth functioning of its supply chain to be able to impart proper treatment to its consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic uncovered the ugly face of pharma supply chain disruption. These supply chain disruptions have been responsible for causing delays in availability of raw materials

Assessment Of Agronomic Performance And Yield Of Maize (zea Mays) And Soybean (glycine Max) On Mushemi Sandy Loam Amended With Biochar In Kabwe District, Zambia | Natasha Mwansa  Dr. Paul Simfukwe  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Mar,2023  premium
There has be very limited research on the suitability of biochar for soil improvement practices on Mushemi soils in Zambia. These soils are leached, red to brown, sandy loamy to clayey and predominantly found in Central Zambia, with 800-1000mm annual rainfall. The aim of this research was to determine the

A Survey Of Pusiga District Junior High School Students’ Interest Towards Science And Study Habits | Edward Apenen Adakudugu  Dr. Emmanuel Issah Azuuga  Anthony Baawuo  Abdulai Issaka  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Mar,2023
This study sought to investigate the interest of students in Pusiga District towards science and study habits. A descriptive research survey was used for the paper and therefore a descriptive statistics were used for the analysis. A questionnaire was developed and administered to 150 randomly selected Junior High School students

The Effect Of Stress On College Of Education Science Tutors’ Output And Its Implications | David Tsitu Agbeko  Daniel Kwadzo Ahadzi  George Agbenyega Nyagblormase  Kofi Mensah  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Mar,2023  premium
The paper focused on the impact of workplace Stress on science tutors’ working at colleges of education in Eastern, Volta and Oti Regions in Ghana. The sample size for the study was Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven science tutors from Colleges of Education in Easter, Volta and Oti Regions in Ghana.

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