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Critique Analysis Of The Revised School Calender On Provision Of Quality Education | John Mwangi Marubu  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Jun,2022
The government policy to revise term dates after nine months of school closure due to covid-19 In Kenya seem to comprise the standards and quality of education among learners in secondary schools in the country. To this end, the purpose of this study was to critically analyze the government policy

Project Leadership And Sustainability Of Food Security Projects In Arid Lands, Kenya | Nyaga Juster Gatumi  Dr. Lucy Ngugi  Dr. Franklin Kinoti  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Sociology | Jun,2022
Despite the staggering economic, social, and ecological costs of meeting food demand, most food security efforts performed through implementation of various food security projects so far have failed to include sustainability considerations. Although inclination with execution related to food projects in many regions has displayed substantial improvements, the tendency with

Exploring Household's Climate Change Adaptive Capacity In Tanzania: The Case Of Smallholder Tea Growers In Muheza District | Ally Juma Mkumbukiy  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | May,2022  premium
Tea is among climate-sensitive crops, a minor change in temperature and precipitation has adverse effects on green leaf production. Despite the low adaptive capacity of the community, Tanzania's government through its smallholder tea growers continues to undertake various mitigation and adaptation strategies to fight against changing climate and its related

Alternative Dispute Resolution (adr) - Trends In The Euphemism For Subjugation To Power Struggles In Labour Processes: A Commentary | Selina Bekezela Chirisa  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Human Resource | May,2022
This article explores how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is mediated by institutionalized law and is shaped by power issues in practice. Existing research findings are tracked along the path of time in the trends in ADR. ADR dangles speed and accessibility to parties in a dispute yet the framework underpinning

Evaluation Of The Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreaks On Basic Science School Curriculum Implementation In Junior Secondary Schools In Ekiti State, Nigeria | Funmi Florence Adegbola Ph.D  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Apr,2022
This study evaluated the effect of the COVID -19 pandemic on Basic Science implementation in the teaching and learning of Basic Science in junior secondary schools in Ekiti State. The research procedure involves descriptive research of survey type. Participants were 320 Basic Science students randomly selected across four Local Government

The Role Of The Principal In Shaping The School Climate | Mrs Ekaterini Vakaloudi  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Apr,2022
The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate the relationship between the role of the school principal and the school climate. The population of this study consists of five schools located in various parts of the Greek territory. Quantitative data were obtained using two questionnaires, the Leadership Questionnaire and

Vegetation Indices Efficiency For Six Solomon Islands Tree Species With Open Source Gis | D. L. Cornelio  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Forestry | Apr,2022
Leaf area index and vegetation indexes are used in production ecology since the 1960s. The relative foliar areas on wild seedlings of six tree species were estimated by four vegetation indexes at the Honiara Botanical Garden, and their accuracy determined by their closeness to maximum likelihood classification outcomes of the

Rural-urban Migration For Employment In Kisumu Central Sub-county, Kenya | Prisca Onditi  Prof. Francis Ang'awa (PhD)  Dr. Otieno, A. Charles (PhD)  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Geography | Apr,2022  super premium
The unemployment, unstable and low-paying jobs in the urban centers compel most migrants to live in slums and informal settlements. The latter is associated with poor living conditions and moral breakdown thus forcing migrants to adopt coping strategies to survive. The objective was to evaluate the coping strategies adopted by

Relapse Risk Factors Across Socio-demographic Patterns Of Persons Admitted With Substance Use Disorder In Selected Rehabilitation Centres In Kenya | Jacqueline A. Anundo  Caroline Ayuya Muaka, Ph.D.  Kennedy Ongaro  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Apr,2022
An understanding of the impact of risk factors for relapse can be instrumental in developing more targeted treatment to reduce relapse rates. This paper examined the relapse risk factors across socio-demographic patterns of persons admitted with substance use disorder. Objectives of this study were; to determine the levels of hazardous

Effect Of Different Fertilizer Rates And Harvesting Methods On Banhji Shoot | Amos Joel Makweta (MSc. Soil Science)  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Mar,2022
Although soft banhji shoots produce good quality tea, they are not desirable because they become coarse rapidly. Further more, banhji shoot prevents development of the shoot thereby contributing to yield reduction. Where possible, it is desirable to reduce banhji shoots. Mechanical harvesting is becoming the option in many countries including

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