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Sensory Evaluation And Quality Of Yield Of Tms 01/1371 (umucass 38) Cassava In Imo State Nigeria
Sensory evaluation was carried out to establish the level of acceptability of the new improved yellow cassava TMS 01/1371 (UMUCASS 38) using parameters such as; taste, aroma, texture, color and general acceptability. Proximate analysis, mineral content, anti-nutrient levels and vitamins were also analyzed for nutrient composition and quality of the samples and these were significantly different between locations, and the values ranged from; Moisture (45.12% -61.32%), Dry matter (25.33% - 30.64%), Crude protein (0.85% - 1.75%), Crude fiber (2.01% - 3.20%), Crude lipid (0.47% - 0.83%), Carbohydrate (20.72% - 53.21%), Energy (122.46% - 156.47%), calcium (11.22 -16.12 mg/100g.
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