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Effects Of Selected Macro Economic Variables On Gross Domestic Product Percapita In Ethiopia (1960-2018)
For this study, I choose a few macroeconomic variable(s) that can affect Gross Domestic Product Per capita (Current US$) - (GDPPP ) in Ethiopia for the period between 1960-2018. My data source is from world bank. The selected macro-economic variables are Domestic credit to private sector (% of GDP) - DCTPS, Official exchange rate (LCY per US$, period average) - (OER) and Inflation, GDP deflator (annual %) - (IGDPD). Domestic credit to private sector (DCTPS) and Official exchange rate (OER) were found not to significantly affect gross domestic product per capita (GDPPP) (P-value >0.05). From the regression results the probability values of DCTP) and OER are 0.733 and 0.562 respectively.
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