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Evaluation Of The Functional Properties Of Three Varieties Of Soybeans (glysine Max) Flour Grown In Zamfara State
Three different varieties of soybeans (Glysine max) TGX-1440-2, TGX-1448-2, TGX-1776-2 were used to produce soy flour using roasting and steeping method. Results from proximate analysis shows no significance in their ash, and crude fibre content of the two varieties. The carbohydrate and the protein content differs with roasting samples having amount of protein (48%, 42% and 45%) for R. TGX-1440-2, R. TGX-1776-2, respectively with steeping method which has ((40%, 38%, and 39%), for S.TGX-1440, S. TGX-1448-2 and S . TGX-1776-2. Steeping method produce higher values of carbohydrate 34.50%, 35.00% and 35.60% for S.TGX 1440-2, S.TGX-1448-2 and S.TGX1776-2 while roasting method has 27.90%, 34.9%
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