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Quantification Of Selected Nonwood Biomass As Feedstock For Briquette Making In Kiboga District
The study on the potential of nonwood biomass as feedstock for briquetting was done with the objective; to identify and quantify selected nonwood biomass which can be used as feedstock for briquette making. The study followed baseline survey descriptive and quasi experimental design. 146 maize farmers were sampled. 40 sample plots were established in the five villages. eight nonwood biomass feedstock identifies were; coffee husk, sawdust, pine needles, pennisetum purpureum, heteropogan contortus, panicum maximum, dry maize stovers and dry maize cobs. Only three of these were quantified, 422.3 tons, 2,367tons, 475.2tons of coffee husks, Dry maize stovers and dry maize cobs were produced
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