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Performance Of Two Cassava (manihot Esculenta Crantz) Varieties Under Organic And Inorganic Nutrition: Chemical Composition Of Roots | Kwadwo Gyasi Santo  Joseph Sarkodie-Addo  Abdulai Muntala  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Feb,2020
Studies on performance of two cassava varieties were conducted during the 2014/2015 growing season in Offinso, Ashanti Region, Ghana to evaluate nutrient composition of cassava roots following application of fertilizers. Bankyehemaa and Nkabom and six fertilizer levels were factorially combined and replicated thrice in a Randomized Complete Block Design. Results

Evaluation Of Various Processing Techniques For The Detoxification Of Cyanide Poison Found In Cassava | Eleazar Chukwuemeka Anorue  Grace Nneka Onwubiko  Henry Amaechi Onwubiko  Chinweike Norman Asogwa  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Feb,2020
Cassava is an economic crop in Africa and a staple food in most over 70 million people worldwide. However, the high levels of cyanogenic glycosides have been reported to be present in cassava, thus, raising concerns about its consumption as food, therefore, the need to investigate, the effects of various

Human Use Of Forest Trees And Its Impact On Their Diversity And Abundance In Chemususu Forest, Baringo County, Kenya | Hosea Kipkoech M orogo  Dr. Paul K Muoria, PhD  Dr. Grace W Gatheri, PhD  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Ecology | Feb,2020
Forest trees are an integral part of human society; they provide both direct and indirect benefits to humans. The aim of the study was to determine the human impact on tree species diversity and abundance by the local communities adjacent to Chemususu forest Reserve. Sampling was conducted in quadrats of

Language, Environment And National Development | Lawal, M. Babatunde. PhD  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Ecology | Feb,2020  premium
This paper argues that language as a component of culture should not just be related to environment and development, but should be seen as the soul of the complex human interaction prevailing in most societies. It attempts to clarify the concept of language as a cultural component for addressing/interpreting environmental

Bacteriological Water Quality Assessment Of Nkenye Stream In Meru South In Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya | Kithaka Samson Chabari  Erick C. Njagi  Adiel Magana  Fredrick O. Ogolla  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Ecology | Feb,2020
Access to portable water remains a major global concern due to increased rate of water pollution contributed for by climate change and human. Destruction of riparian zones has exposed the rivers and streams to toxic and pathogenic pollutants released from untreated organic and inorganic waste. Exposure of river and stream

Roles Of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows On Economic Growth: Evidence From Tanzanian Economy | Ikandilo Kushoka  Doreen Julius  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Economics | Feb,2020  super premium
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows have been identified by many scholars as one among the major sources of stimulating economic growth in the country since it provides the capital needed for further investment, it promotes import and exports of goods and services, it increases industrial competition in the host countries

Analysis Of Government Spending And Economic Growth In Nigeria | Prof. A.Y Zakari  Prof. Mustapha Muktar  Mustapha M. Kime  Modu Mustapha  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Economics | Feb,2020
This study investigates the impact of public spending on economic growth in Nigeria. Time series data from 1980-2018 were used to estimate the model. The Dickey Fuller Generalized Least Square (DF-GLS) unit root test, Johansen Co integration, Vector Error Correction and Granger Causality test were also applied. The findings of

True Lies: A Fundamental Analytical Evaluation Of The Impact Of Tax And Historical Stock Prices On Equity Performance Of Listed Firms In Kenya | Patrick Mworia Kireria  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Finance | Feb,2020
The role of financial intermediation in the mobilization of resources and provision of linkage between borrowers and lenders has continued to gain prominence in academia, business and even in politics. Finance theory proposes that depending on the level of market efficiency, knowledge of past market fundamentals and stock prices may

Current Woodland Management Practices And Charcoal Production In Uganda: A Case Study Of Nakaseke District Wakyato Subcounty | Atuyamba. K Akexander  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Forestry | Feb,2020  premium
The characteristics of the forest holding and forest owners' attitudes towards decision making and their objectives concerning their woodlands are perhaps the most important factors affecting management decisions. This study was carried out in Wakyato Sub-county, Uganda, with the aim of assessing the current natural woodland management practices for sustainable

The Preferred Wood Species And Charcoal Production In Uganda: A Case Study Of Nakaseke District Wakyayo Sub County | Atuyamba. K Akexander  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Forestry | Feb,2020  premium
The decline in indigenous and preferred tree species for fuel-wood has led to haphazard harvesting of trees. This reduction of wood for fuel energy could render marginalized households vulnerable to livelihood insecurity. This study was carried out in Wakyato Sub-county, Uganda, with the aim of assessing the preferred wood species

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