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Incorporating Ethics And Professionalism In Accounting Education And Research: Evidence From The University Of Professional Studies, Accra | Mr. James Kwame Bayenteyea  Leticia Apieleg Ayarna-Gagakuma  Mr. Paul Muda  Mr. Prince Sunu  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Business Ethics | Mar,2021  premium
Incorporating ethics and professionalism in accounting education is essential to the development of students' ethical ability. This initiative serves to remind students of the moral implications of decision-making. The paper explores the best approach to integrate ethics and professionalism into accounting education in order to encourage students studying accounting to

Spatio-temporal Variation In Forage Production In A Key Resource Area In Succulent Karoo Rangeland, South Africa | Martha Konje  Paul Muoria  Emily Wabuyele  Susanne Vetter  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Ecology | Mar,2021  super premium
For herbivores to survive in arid rangelands, they largely depend on landscapes that act as grazing reserves during the dry seasons. In Richtersveld National Park, the dry season forage consists of browse from tree branches, litter and grass that grow along the Orange River. The aim of the study was

The Effects Of Corona Virus (covid-19) Pandemic On Remote Learning In The Eastern And Northern Regions, Ghana | Abdul-Razak Issah  Esmerlinda Korkor Ofoe  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Mar,2021
Introduction: This study examined the effects of Coronavirus pandemic on remote learning in the Eastern and Northern Regions, Ghana. It also focused on the challenges junior high school students face on remote learning during the lockdown period of the pandemic. Methods: This study employed a descriptive cross-sectional online survey design.

Professional Identity Transformation: A Case Study Of Esl Pre-service Teachers | Taghreed El Masry  Eman I. Alzaanin  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Mar,2021  super premium
The study aims to examine what Professional identity (PI) transformations ESL pre-service teachers (PSTs) experience during their simulated teaching and teaching practicum. Eight female Malaysian ESL PSTs were interviewed and observed in this case study. The findings show that PI is dynamic and changing. Four different types of PI (Low

Assessing The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Hotels Industry | Mahmoud Gaber Ali  Alaa Tarek  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Hospitality Tourism | Mar,2021  super premium
The Hotels Industry is very important and essential to the global economy, it is in general reported almost 10% of the global GDP in 2018 and more than 70 Million vacancy was expected to be occupied in the tourism and hotel industry during the coming ten years. One of the

Influence Of Knowledge On Treatment Compliance Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients In Thika Level 5 Hospital, Kiambu County, Kenya | Kithuka, B N  Prof. Keraka, M  Prof. Wanyoro A  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Mar,2021
Efforts to assist patients to improve treatment compliance are essential in Kenya. This study established the influence of knowledge on treatment compliance among patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Thika level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County, Kenya. A randomized control trial was used with a sample size of 534

Influence Of Perception On Treatment Compliance Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients In Thika Level 5 Hospital, Kiambu County, Kenya. | Kithuka, B N  Prof. Keraka, M  Prof. Wanyoro A  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Mar,2021  premium
Effective treatment of diabetes requires good cooperation between the health care provider and the patient. Non-compliance makes metabolic control of type 2 diabetes mellitus impossible. There is need to assist patients towards improving treatment compliance. This study established the influence of perception on treatment compliance among patients with Type 2

Incidence Of Potentially Toxigenic Fungi And Aflatoxin In Maize (zea Mays L.) Infected By Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease In Bomet, Narok And Nakuru Counties Of Kenya | Mwasame E. N.  Maina. M  Taracha C.  Karanja J.  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Feb,2021
Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) is one of the most important biotic factors limiting maize productivity. MLND is believed to increase concomitant fungal infections that cause food poisoning in humans and livestock. This study aimed to establish the relationship between MLND and the associated fungal infections. Fifty four maize grain

Effectiveness Of The Office Of The Auditor General In Enhancing Public Sector Accountability In Zimbabwe | Noell Machinjike  Wellington G. Bonga  Stanford Hundi  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Economics | Feb,2021
The study examined the effectiveness of the Auditor General's Office in enhancing public sector accountability in Zimbabwe. The public sector has been characterised by financial irregularities and mismanagement of funds (Bernard, 2009), yet the AG's office exist to enhance accountability and transparency. Some recommendations from AG's Office were not being

Stakeholders’ Perceptions On The Influence Of Institutional Factors On Learners’ Commitment To Adult Literacy Programme In East Pokot Sub-county, Kenya | Nicholas Terer  Prof. Antony K. Sang  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Feb,2021
Education is important for national and individual development. For various reasons a significant number of adults failed to acquire education during their formative years. Therefore, the Adult literacy Programme is being implemented by the Government of Kenya to enable these learners acquire literacy skills to enable them to improve their

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