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Role Of Collective Action In Market Participation By Smallholder Irish Potato Farmers In Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya | Seurey Josephine  Prof. Job Lagat (Ph.D.)  Dr. Jackson Langat (Ph.D.)  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Agriculture | Jun,2020
Access to the market is a key hindrance fronting commercialization of agriculture in Kenya; smallholder farmers have restricted market access owing to the high operation cost. To curb these challenges, potato farmers in Elgeyo Marakwet County have organized themselves into groups so as to benefit from economies of scale and,

Ethical Leadership Practices And Their Impacts In Organizations | Peter Njiru Muriithi  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Business Ethics | Jun,2020
This paper is a study of the effects of ethical leadership practices and their impact on organization performance. The paper begins with the definition of the term "ethics" and what it means in its application on leadership. The paper then discusses on the characteristics and qualities of an ethical leader

Hiv And Aids Prevalence Rates Among Adolescents In Kenya: A Conversation On Politically Correct Data Filters | Wilbrodah Adhiambo Orina  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Education | Jun,2020
The global 90/90/90 HIV projection for the year 2020 is facing a shortfall. Part of the contributing factors includes missing HIV data for the adolescent populace. Such statistics would account for their HIV status, data of those on ARV care, and the subsequent report on suppressed viral load as a

Emotional Intelligence And Employability Of Undergraduate Students At Kampala International University, Uganda | Olutayo K. Osunsan  Kawiso Martin Wilfred  Christine Kabasinguzi  Wampande Jowalie Ahmed  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Management | Jun,2020
This study explored the effect of emotional intelligence on employability skills of students. Using non-probability sample of 265 students enrolled in business management degree program at Kampala International University. A quantitative survey research paradigm was employed. Multiple regression analyses revealed a significant relationships between the participants emotional Intelligence and Employability

The Significance Of Brand Name, Brand Image And Perceived On Consumer Decision Making: A Case Study Of Brand Oriented Customer In Bangkok | Mr. Samad Akbar  Payam Asadinia  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Marketing | Jun,2020
In the moderate era, the competition in the market is at its best and the business emphasizes on building their brand. The brand plays an important role in influencing the consumer decision-making process. Therefore, the brand is divided into three categories in this research which aids in studying the influence

Assessing Community Members Level Of Knowledge Of Rapid Diagnostic Test For Malaria Diagnosis And Treatment In The Bolgatanga Municipality | Abdul-Razak IISAH  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Jun,2020
Background: Malaria is one of the most dangerous public health diseases that know no boundaries among the human population. The surest way to distinguish between malaria and non-malaria fevers is through the use of rapid diagnostic test (RDT). This helps makes it very simple for health care providers to quickly

The Effectiveness Of Community Volunteers In Improving Sanitation Practices In Nambale Sub-county, Busia, Kenya | Lillian M Mbeki  Dr. George O Otieno  Prof. Mohammed Karama  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Jun,2020  super premium
Sanitation coverage in Kenya is low.13% of rural Kenyans practise open defecation and a further 45% use unhygienic toilets. In 2010 the Ministry of Health, Kenya adopted the CLTS approach driven by volunteers to accelerate access to sanitation. The purpose of this research was to assess the level of increased

The Effects Of Malaria On Some Haematological Parameters Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At The Plateau State Specialist Hospital, Jos, Nigeria | Achoru,V.C.  Adeiyongo,C.M.  Joachin,B.N  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Public Health | Jun,2020
A study of the effects of malaria on some haematological parameters among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at the Plateau State Specialist Hospital Jos, Nigeria, was carried out for four months. Blood samples were collected and examined for malaria using thin film stained with giemsa and haematological parameters which included

Statistical Analysis Of The Effect Of Sole Parenting On The Academic Performance Of Undergraduates In Yaba College Of Technology | Amusa, S. O.  Ikegwu, E. M.  Fadiji, A. A.  Idowu, E. O.  Obafemi, F. O.  Banjo, O. F.  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Sociology | Jun,2020
This study surveyed effect of household structure on the academic performance of undergraduates in Yaba College of Technology, Yaba-Lagos. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of family structure and single-parenting on student academic achievement. Primary data was sourced using a well-structured questionnaire to obtain necessary data

Subsidising An Electric Vehicle Supply Chain With Imperfect Information | Ajay Serohi  | Researchjournali's Journal Of Supply Chain Management | Jun,2020
This section assesses a four-tier vehicle production network comprising government, electric / gas vehicle manufacturers, retailers and customers. The goal is to understand how government sponsorship should be designated to extend the overall benefit of the entire store network. A numeric model was developed by adopting the Stackelberg hypothesis which

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