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The Small And Medium Enterprises Attitude Towards Tax Stamp: A Case Study Of Tax Payers In Ghana
Researchjournali's Journal Of AccountingFeb,2019
Tax stamps date back to the Ottoman Empire. "Damga Resmi" was already in use by the sixteenth century. Tax stamp implementation in Ghana was enacted by Act 873 of the Excise Stamp Act, 2013. It is structured to enhance tax collection in the Ghanaian economy that has in the past years suffered dwindling tax revenue. The tax stamp is a unique stamp with digital and other security features which is labeled on excisable goods to show that taxes and duties have been paid. The stamp is affixed on specified excisable goods in Ghana, whether locally manufactured/produced or imported into Ghana. It's presence on products provides enough evidence of product quality.ViewViews: 23Google+

Performance Characteristics Of Weaner Rabbits Fed Graded Levels Of Palm Kernel Cake (pkc) As Substitution For Maize
Researchjournali's Journal Of AgricultureFeb,2019
Fifty (50) growing rabbits aged five-seven weeks old, cross bred were fed on varying inclusion level of palm kernel cake (PKC) as replacement for maize to evaluate the growth rate and cost efficiency. The experimental animals were randomly allotted to five experimental diets replicated twice with five (5) rabbits per replicate in a completely randomized design (CRD). The determined proximate analysis results of palm kernel cake (PKC) as the test ingredient showed 92.13% Dry matter, 16.00% Crude protein, 17.90% Crude fibre, 4.19% Ash content, 11.61% Ether extract and 58.00% Nitrogen free extract. The experimental diets contain (0%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%) of PKC and was fed to the rabbits for ViewViews: 10Google+

Phosphorus And Potassium Uptake As Affected By Moisture Levels And Fertilizer Rates Under Rice Cv. Nerica 1
Researchjournali's Journal Of AgricultureFeb,2019
The study was carried out in a greenhouse environment to determine the effect of water levels and fertilizer rates on nutrients uptake by NERICA 1 rice variety at KALRO-ICRC Mwea in two cropping seasons of 2017. Two water levels; 3.5mm day-1, 7.00mm day-1; and sixteen fertilizer rates comprising four levels of Phosphorus 0, 20, 40, 60 kg P2O5 ha-1 from Triple superphosphate and for levels of Potassium 0, 10, 20, 30 kg K2O ha-1 from murate of potash were applied. The experiment was laid out in split plot design with three replications with water levels assigned in the main plot and fertilizer rate in sub-plot. Data on nutrients uptake in straw and crude protein in grains for harvest from trViewViews: 12Google+

The Aspect Of Information Communication Technology In Distance Learning: A Perspective Of Ugandan Universities
Researchjournali's Journal Of EducationFeb,2019 super premium
This study was carried out in five Ugandan universities (Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Islamic University in Uganda, Kampala international University and Kampala University. The main gist of this study is to examine the aspect of information communication technology in distance Education (DE) so as to understand the best strategies to be adopted by the Ugandan Universities. The study specifically explored as regards to; whether students receive tutorials as learners, support system, internet is affordable and accessed by students on distance learning and whether study materials are prepared and delivered to students on time. Both structured questions and unstructured interviews wViewViews: 81Google+

Financial Development And Economic Growth: Evidence From Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of FinanceFeb,2019
The aim of this study is to examine the effects of financial deepening on economic growth in Nigeria using the ARDL methodological framework. The financial deepening variables considered are market capitalization as a ratio of GDP, bank deposit as a ratio of GDP and gross fixed capital formation as a ratio of GDP. Growth rate in real GDP is used to proxy economic growth. The study is based on quarterly data for 32 years covering from 1985Q1 to 2016Q3. The results show that the relationship between financial deepening and real GDP growth has lag effects, with one lag period on both market capitalization as a ratio to GDP and gross fixed capital formation as a ratio to GDP showing negative andViewViews: 11Google+

Money Market-growth Relations: Causal Evidence From Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of FinanceFeb,2019
The aim of this study is to investigate both the short-run and long-run effects of money market instruments on the Nigerian economy using the ARDL method. The study is based on yearly data in logarithmic from 1981 to 2017. There is evidence that nominal GDP is autoregressive, hence, its future values can be predicted based on its current and previous values. Money market instruments have no significant effect on nominal GDP both in the short-run and in the long-run. However, there is a strong causal link from nominal GDP to Treasury Bills.ViewViews: 11Google+

Does M-m Proposition 1 On Capital Structure And Firm's Value Stand? Evidence From Quoted Firms' In Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of FinanceFeb,2019
This study uses Nigerian data on quoted firms to consider one of the influential questions in corporate finance: Does M-M proposition 1 on capital structure and firm's value stand? We fit the three conventional panel data models; pooled regression, fixed effects and random effects models, to panel data, consisting of 10 cross-sectional units that are observed annually for six years from 2010 to 2015. The results show that, although, the fixed effects model outperformed the pooled regression model based on Likelihood ratio test, the random effects model, which assumes that the unobserved firm-specific factors are uncorrelated with the capital structure variables, however, outperforms the fixeViewViews: 8Google+

Cinfluence Of Season And Leaf Development On Foliar Nutrient Compositions Of Parkia Biglobosa (jacq) R. Br. Ex G. Don In Sudano - Sahelian Ecosystem Of Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of ForestryFeb,2019
Young, matured and mixed leaves samples randomly collected from the wild stands of Parkia biglobosa tree species at the Dundaye district area of Wamakko Local Government of Sokoto state were analyzed for proximate compositions as influenced by seasons and leaf development (age of leaf). Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT) were used at 5% to analyze the data and separate the means. Results showed that leaf developments (age), rainy and dry subseasons were found to influence nutrients contents with few exceptions. Specifically, moisture (51.07 – 61.66%), ether extract (3.77 – 7.56%), crude fibre (6.15 – 13.16%), and NFE (64.55 – 72.69%) were influencViewViews: 5Google+

Influence Of Human Resource Maintenance Training Practice On Employee Engagement In Nigeria Manufacturing Firms
Researchjournali's Journal Of Human ResourceFeb,2019
The focus of this study was to investigate the influence of human resource maintenance training practices on employee engagement in manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive research design. A sample of 395 employees from the manufacturing firms in Nigeria was selected for the study using stratified, simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Data was collected through questionnaire and analysed with the aid of descriptive and inferential statistics using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21. A response of 63% (n=248) was obtained. Pearson Products Moment Correlation analysis linear regression model were used in determining the significant infViewViews: 31Google+

Organizational Culture And Organizational Performance Nexus: The Case Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia
Researchjournali's Journal Of ManagementFeb,2019 premium
The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and performance in context to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) with central intentions to make conclusions and recommendations to this institution and by extension to the industry so that these institutions start appreciating the role of a strong organizational culture towards better performance. Particularly, it refers to the competitive nature of the industry and the anticipated entry of foreign banks in to the industry as one treat there by trying to draw implications to the performance of the bank where culture being considered as one contributing factors. The research followed the Denison’ViewViews: 44Google+

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