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Effects Of Intellectual Capital Disclosure On Market Capitalization Of Listed Companies In Ghana
Researchjournali's Journal Of AccountingJun,2018 premium
Purpose: The focus of the paper is to examine the effects of intellectual capital disclosure on market capitalization of the listed firms in Ghana. Methodology: The study used the annual reports and the share prices of twenty listed firms on the GSE from 2005 to 2014. The data was analyzed using pooled ordinary least square regression approach. Findings: The results of the study indicate that there is a positive significant effect of intellectual capital disclosure on market capitalization. Moreover all the components of intellectual capital (human, structural and relational) are found to be positively significant with market capitalization. Research implication: The results imply thatViewViews: 4Google+

Effect Of Celebrity Endorsement On Consumer Buying Behavior Of Samsung Mobile Phones In Ghana
Researchjournali's Journal Of AdvertisingJun,2018
Celebrity endorsement is a wide spread phenomenon which is used by all business sectors in today’s world. The study focuses on the effect of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behavior. The population of the study comprises of private university students who are users of the SAMSUNG mobile phones in the Kumasi metropolis, Ghana to be precise and are estimated to run into millions. A sample size of 420 respondents was selected out of which 384 responses were received. The study made use of explanatory and closed ended questionnaires and also the sampling methods used in selecting the respondents were conveniences and purposive. The study made use of Statistical Package for SViewViews: 5Google+

Gross Margin Analysis Of Home Garden Farming In Sabon Gari Local Government Area Of Kaduna State
Researchjournali's Journal Of AgricultureJun,2018
The study was carried out to determine the gross margin of home garden farming in Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Data were obtained 80 randomly selected farmers through the use of well-structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics such as mean, percentage, frequency distribution and table were used to analyze the data. Inferential statistics such as Chi-square was also employed to test the hypothesis showing the relationship between agricultural practice of home gardening and gross margin analysis was used to determine the viability or otherwise as a means of livelihood in the study area. The total cost of variable inputs amounted to N27, 235.06, while the total revenViewViews: 4Google+

Acacia Trees Enhance Soil Nitrogen That Influences Grass Crude Protein In African Rangelands
Researchjournali's Journal Of EcologyJun,2018 super premium
The study found out the impact of acacia trees on soil nitrogen and how this nitrogen consequently influences the grass crude protein in Sanga rangeland. Four 100×100m plots were randomly selected in a vast area, five acacia trees and five open areas randomly identified in each plot. A soil and pasture sample were collected from each acacia tree and in open area. Samples were analyzed by Kjeldahl's method to determine percentage soil nitrogen and grass crude protein. The results were subjected to analysis of variance using MINITAB 14 statistical software. Percentage soil nitrogen and grass crude protein significantly differed between under acacia and away from acacia with P=0.001 and P=0.00ViewViews: 14Google+

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Microcredit Programme On The Business Profit Of Female Entrepreneurs, In Lagos State, Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of EconomicsJun,2018
Women play prominent role in economic development of most nations especially in Africa. In most Africa countries, quiet a high number of women are often found engaging in small business activities due to the cultural belief, maternal reproductive role, and stereotype which often exclude them from engaging in white collar jobs, therefore, the contribution of women to economy in the realm of small business activities cannot be overemphasized. Nigeria as one of the Africa countries is not an exception in this situation. Therefore, the objective of this study is to assess the impact of microcredit programme on the business growth of female entrepreneurs in Lagos state, Nigeria. A total of 214 feViewViews: 2Google+

Abstinence From Sex And Protected Sexual Behaviours During Sex Education: A Case Study Biakoye District, Ghana
Researchjournali's Journal Of EducationJun,2018 premium
The study sought to investigate perception of sex education among senior high school students in the Biakoye District in the Volta Region by considering their understanding of sex education, their sources of information about sex, contraceptive use, comprehensive sex education, and benefits of sex education to adolescents. The study adopted a quantitative data analysis by administration of a set of questionnaires to gather the data. The unit of analysis of this study combined students from senior high schools and teachers at Biakoye District in the Volta Region of Ghana. The researcher adopted a descriptive rather than judgmental or prescriptive stance in reporting the findings from the fielViewViews: 22Google+

The Encouragement Of Social Environment In Volunteerism Activities And The Contribution To Patriotism Value Practice
Researchjournali's Journal Of EducationJun,2018
The current study surveys how the social environment of the multi-ethnic youth in Malaysia affects their tendency in volunteerism activities and their motives of involvement; too how these aspects affect the practice of patriotism value among multi-ethnic youth. The aspects utilized in this research are based on the Ecological System and Social Capital Theories as well as the Volunteer Engagement Motivational model. This survey involves 1400 multi-ethnic youth as samples that were randomly recruited. The questionnaire used was built and adapted from previous studies. The pilot study result shows that all items can be used for actual research. Data collected was analyzed using SPSS version 22ViewViews: 20Google+

Effectiveness Of Differentiated Instruction And Cooperative Learning On Secondary School Students’ Achievement In Chemistry
Researchjournali's Journal Of EducationJun,2018
This study examined the effectiveness of differentiated instruction and cooperative learning on secondary school students’ the achievement in chemistry. Three hypotheses were tested. The sample size for the study was 163 SS2 chemistry students drawn from three secondary schools in Onitsha Education Zone. The instrument for data collection was Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT) validated by experts from Departments of Science Education and Education Foundations of NNamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The data collected with the instrument were analyzed using multivariate analysis covariance (MANCOVA). The result revealed although differentiated instruction was significantly effective in enhancingViewViews: 15Google+

Educational Leadership In Ghana: Prospects And Challenges
Researchjournali's Journal Of EducationJun,2018
Education has become a critical area of concern that most governments seek to address to facilitate the realisation of development goals. A vast range of research relating to the crucial role of education in attaining global equality and economic development has been published. Several international goals have been established by non-governmental organisations and international donors to empower education systems to meet the standards of quality education across the world. One of the regions that continue to struggle in education reforms in Africa, there are however, continues such as Ghana that has achieved significant milestones in the realisation of educational goals. Even being among theViewViews: 34Google+

Corporate Governance Issues In Smes And Their Impact On Financial Performance: Evidence From Manicaland
Researchjournali's Journal Of EntrepreneurshipJun,2018
With the recent enactment of the Indigenous and Empowerment Act in 2010 there was an upsurge in small businesses owned by the indigenous Zimbabweans. A few though are formal, the majority of them are still classified as informal, ZIMRA (2014), (Mapakame, E 2017). This paper sought to review literature on the corporate governance of SMEs in Manicaland province in Zimbabwe. The findings reflect that there is still great work to be done to orient the SMEs about governance issues in the business fraternity. This paper recommends that the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprise must come up with outreach programme to educate and inform SMEs on corporate governance issue.ViewViews: 7Google+

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