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Edmund Anamboi Aduko
Mathematics Department, Gbewaa College Of Education, P. O. Box 157, Pusiga, Ghana
Adapting Scaffolding Instructions To Enhance Pre-service Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching Exponents At Junior High School
This study explored the role of scaffolding instruction as a teaching strategy. The analyses were to reveal the outcomes and processes of one particular form of scaffolding using W-H questions, to determine if improvements can be made with Pre-service teachers’ (PSTs) proficiency in teaching exponents. The action research design via pre-test-post-test was employed in the study. Data were collected through

Edmund Anamboi Aduko
Gbewaa College Of Education, Pusiga, Department Of Mathematics And Ict Education, P. O. Box 157,
Addressing Pre-service Teachers' Challenges In Circle Theorems Through Mathematical Constructionism
This study investigates the efficacy of the constructionist method to teaching and learning in addressing the circle theorem problems of pre-service teachers at Gbewaa College of Education, Pusiga. The study employs an action research design and the sample consists of forty level 100A pre-service teachers. A questionnaire, pre-and post-tests were used to capture data, and their validity and reliability were

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