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Yibrah Hagos
Dean Of The College Of Business& Economics, Adigrat University- Ethiopia
Problems And Prospects Of Value-added Tax (vat) Implementation In Tigrai Regional State
Value Added Tax (VAT) as one of the important sources of government revenue, its implementation in Ethiopia is at its infant stage. This study tried to explore the major problems and prospects of VAT implementation in Tigrai Regional State. The results of the study indicated that the willful registration of the businesses has not yet come to the desired level,

Yibrah Hagos Gebresilassie
Lecturer, Dean College Of Business And Economics, Adigrat University, 50
Graduation Determinants Of Productive Safety Net Program Beneficiary Households: A Logistic Analysis, Tigrai-ethiopia
Household food security issues have become the concern of international communities as well as national government of Ethiopia. Productive Safety Net Program is a program that offer protection to poor rural people by providing income through transfer program. The main objective of this study was to identify the major graduation determinants of Productive safety Net Program beneficiary rural households using

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