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Wilbrodah Adhiambo Orina
Doctoral Student, The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa, Department Of Educational Research And Evaluation, P.o
Core Competencies As Envisioned In The Kenyan Competency-based Curriculum
Societies and organizations have since time immemorial relied on academic institutions for research, training of competent workforce and emergence of reforms. Tables turned recently when governments and private institutions noticed that schools and colleges were channeling out graduates without employable skills that would fit the context of the 21st Century. Since then, most countries across the globe have opted to

Wilbrodah Adhiambo Orina
Doctoral Student, Post Graduate Studies In Educational Research And Evaluation, The Catholic University Of Eastern
Hiv And Aids Prevalence Rates Among Adolescents In Kenya: A Conversation On Politically Correct Data Filters
The global 90/90/90 HIV projection for the year 2020 is facing a shortfall. Part of the contributing factors includes missing HIV data for the adolescent populace. Such statistics would account for their HIV status, data of those on ARV care, and the subsequent report on suppressed viral load as a result of medical care. The only group with none decreasing

Wilbrodah Adhiambo Orina
Doctoral Student In Educational Research And Evaluation, Department Of Post Graduate Studies In Education (pgse),
The Implicit Replication Of Challenges In The Abandoned 8-4-4 Education System As Spotted In The New Competency-based Curriculum: Kenya’s Recurrent Self Defeating Educational Strategies
Kenya's quest for quality education is evident from the frequent scrutiny and adjustment of her curriculum. The discourses leading to syllabus change have always targeted a scenario where school leavers would be absorbed and become productive at work while at the same time embracing entrepreneurship. Since independence, the government has tasted three sets of curriculums: the 7-4-2-3 system, 8-4-4 system,

Wilbrodah Adhiambo Orina
Doctoral Student, The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa (cuea), P.o Box 20045-00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Evaluating Assessment Methods In Science Learning Activities In The Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum
The objective of this study was to examine methods used by teachers in assessing science learning areas in the Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum. Curriculum implementation theory was used to underpin the study. Besides the theory, important principles for assessments including authenticity, reliability, validity, sufficiency and practicality were used to determine the quality of assessment methods used for science learning areas.

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