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Tammie J. Kaufman, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Rosen College Of Hospitality Management, 9907 Universal Blvd., Orlando, Fl 32819
Millennial Attitudes Towards Green Hotel Practices
This research helps better understand the Millennial generation’s attitude towards the environment and how it relates to green hotel practices. This research looked at their current green practices at home and their attitude towards green practices offered by hotels. There are significant relationships present between their actual green practices at home and their attitudes towards green practices offered by

Tammie J. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University Of Central Florida, Rosen College Of Hospitality Management , 9907 Universal Blvd,
An Exploratory Study Into Millennial’s Interest In Food Tourism
Food tourism has grown significantly in recent years. Although it may not be the primary reason people select a destination it is very important in the decision making process. Millennials are becoming a sought after market because of their spending power and interest in travel. This research shows that this generation is seeking more experiences while they travel. They prefer

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