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Mustapha M. Kime
Department Of Economics, Umar Ibn Ibrahim Elkenami College Of Education Science And Technology Bama, Borno
Assessment Of Socioeconomic Challenges Of State Owned Tertiary Institutions: A Sociological Survey Of The New Democratic Regime In Borno State, Nigeria
The thrust of this study examines both the economic and the political challenges being faced by the higher education in contemporary Borno state, Nigeria. The research highlighted issues like funding of teaching and learning, research and documentations and identifying those growing problems of political interference and their implications to the stakeholders particularly the students, teachers and the entire parents/citizenry. In

Mustapha M. Kime
Department Of Economics Umar Ibn Ibrahim Elkenami College Of Education Science And Technology Bama, Borno
The Determinants Of Retail Banking Selection: A Study On Customer Preferences In Unimaid
The study examined the factors that determine the selection of retail banking: a study on customer preference. The sampled population was chosen based on the fact that they have the capacity to save, deposit, and transfer money from different corners of the country. Two inferential statistical tools; namely Ordinary least square and logistic regression model were used to specifically examine

Mustapha M. Kime
Economics Department, Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-kanemi College Of Education Science And Technology Bama, Borno State
Analysis Of Government Spending And Economic Growth In Nigeria
This study investigates the impact of public spending on economic growth in Nigeria. Time series data from 1980-2018 were used to estimate the model. The Dickey Fuller Generalized Least Square (DF-GLS) unit root test, Johansen Co integration, Vector Error Correction and Granger Causality test were also applied. The findings of the Johansen co integration test indicates long run relationship and

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