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Mr. Ayambire Clement Nyaaba
Lecturer, Dept. Of Marketing, Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Box 767, Bolgatanga
Revitalizing A Fading Service - Brand: The Perception Of Top - Management In Ghana
Purpose; Brands in the past have gone through suffering with others even dying in Ghana. Though, there have been some empirical studies on product brand revitalization focus in most advanced countries, literature on the causes of brand decline and its revitalization strategies in less developed countries like Ghana seems to be lacking. This paper proposes exploring the understanding of the

Mr. Ayambire Clement Nyaaba
Lecturer, Department Of Marketing, Bolgatanga Polytechnic, 767, Bolgatanga, Ghana,west Africa
Supply Chain Collaborations: Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction In Ghana
Supply chain management, particularly procurement is one of the areas that need serious attention by researchers because it rarely exists in literature. The Purpose: the purpose of the study is to explore our understanding of an effective Supply Chain collaboration and how it impacts on customer/client’s satisfaction in the public utility firms in Ghana. Design/methodology: a qualitative approach based on in-depth

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