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Kabunga Amir
Department Of Psychology, Mount Kenya University, Nairobi, Kenya
Class Size And Learning Outcomes: Perceptions Of In-service Teachers
Achieving quality learning outcomes within the education system in Kenya remains an elusive goal for educationists. Many strategic plans have been drafted and action plans implemented, but the aspiration remains a mirage. It appears the policy makers require more input from the stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to find out the perceptions of in-service teachers on class size

Kabunga Amir
Department Of Mental Health, Lira University, Director, Psychealth Uganda
Career Info, Counseling And Occupational Choices Among Learners In Secondary In Mbarara District, Uganda
There is an increasing demand for career info and counselling services worldwide. Push and pull factors arising from labour market reforms and modernization of education and training systems in developing and middle-income countries call for the improvement of career info and counselling provision. Thus this study intended to determine the association between career info and occupational choices among secondary schools

Kabunga Amir
Department Of Mental Health, Lira University. Director, Psychealth Uganda
Interest And Achievements In Natural Science Subjects Students In Secondary School In Western Uganda
Interest in natural science subjects remains an important issue because it is related to achievement and the intention to pursue studies or careers in science-related areas. This study envisioned to determine the correlation between interest in natural science subjects and achievement among secondary school students in western Uganda using a correlational research design. The target population was 1350 senior four

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