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Hannah E. A. Acquah
University Of Professional Studies Accra, Ghana
Organisational Culture At Private Universities In Ghana: Evidence From One University College
The perception on organisational culture suggests that it plays a major role in employees’ effectiveness and performance. In this study we have explored organisational culture that existed in a private University College in Ghana. The aim was to identify the type of culture that operates or being preferred in the University College studied. This effort provided empirical evidence of the

Hannah E. A. Acquah
Department Of Business Administration, University Of Professional Studies, Accra- Ghana
Assessing The Effect Of Governance Arrangement Types On Faculty Staff Performance: Evidence Within Universities In Ghana
Globally, university governance has been undergoing a process of unprecedented transformation and Ghana is no exception. This paper provides empirical evidence of governance arrangement types employed by universities within and its effect on faculty staff performance in Ghana The study adopts an exploratory approach by practically analyzing governance structures types most often used within universities and university colleges' in Ghana.

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