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Comparative Effects Of Feeding Of Live Maggot And Vital Feed On The Growth And Survival Rate Of Clarias Gariepinus Fingerlings (burchell, 1822)
This research which lasted for 85 days, was done to compare the feeding effects of live Maggot and Vital feed on the growth and survival rate of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings. One hundred thirty-five fingerlings of initial mean weight 1.33g were stocked in nine plastic containers (15 fish per container) and were fed 5% of their total body weight twice daily with Vital feed (Control diet), Live maggot meal, and a mixture of Vital feed and Live maggot meal at a ratio of 50: 50 as treatment A, B and C, respectively. Physico-chemical parameters of water (Temperature, pH, and DO), weight and length of fish were measured biweekly
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