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Inhibiting Ammonia Emissions In Poultry Layer Farm Using Ethno Botanicals In Plateau State, Nigeria
Emission of ammonia (NH3) poses serious health challenge to both the birds and caretakers in poultry farms. In this research, three plants- Eucalyptus torelliana (ET), Anarcadium occidentalis (AO) and Tamarindus indica (TI) were used as litter additives in a 10, 30 and 50% inclusion rate to rice husk to mitigate the effect of ammonia in a poultry farm. The NH3 emitted was quantified for four weeks using the Saraz method. Results revealed some reduction in NH3 emitted by 7.23%, 25.40%, and 34.41% for (ET); 9.30%, 21.27% and 32.93% for (AO) and a 28.06%, 41.94%, and 52.14% for (TI) respectively, as compared to the positive control.
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