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Proximate Composition And Palatability Of Selected Rangelands Browses From Baringo County, Kenya
Palatability and feeding value of ten (10) local browse foliages (Terminalia brownii, Grewia bicolor, Balanites aegyptiaca, Acacia brevispica, Berchemia discolor, Codia sinensis, Tamarindus indica, Ziziphus mucronata, Boscia angustifolia and Maerua angolensis from semi-arid area of Marigat sub-county in Baringo County were evaluated for the nutritive potential (chemical composition, mineral and amino acid profile). Crude protein (CP) ranged from 51.4 gkg-1dry matter (DM) in Rhodes grass (chloris gayana) to 203.7 gkg-1DM in Maerua angolensis. Total extractable phenolics (TEPH) and condensed tannin (CT) ranged from 5.7 to 94.8 gkg-1DM and 1.7 to 51.5 gkg-1DM, respectively.
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