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Okorafor, U.
Department Of Statistics, Yaba College Of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
The Effects Of Demographic Factors On Infant And Child Mortality In Mushin Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria
Reduction in infant and child mortality is a good index in assessing the health status of developing countries including Nigeria. This study is to detect demographic factors that contribute to infant and child mortality. The population of study consists of women of child bearing age. Primary data was collected using the multistage sampling method. Five wards were selected using simple

Okorafor, U.
Department Of Statistics, Yaba College Of Technology, Yaba Lagos
Time Series Modelling Of Casualties Reported From Road Traffic Accidents On Lagos Roads From January 2005 To December 2015
Road transportation is very popular in Nigeria, and this has brought a corresponding increase in accidents on the road leading to high casualty rate. In light of this, this study modelled the casualties reported from accidents on roads in Lagos, a southwestern State in Nigeria from January 2005 to December, 2015. We sourced that data from the Federal Road Safety

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