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Dr. Nyakwara Begi
Lecturer, Kenyatta University, Early Childhood Studies, Box 43833, Nairobi (kenya)
Utilization Of Instructional Media For Quality Training In Pre-primary School Teacher Training Colleges In Nairobi County, Kenya
Since teachers play a major role in the education of young children, the quality of their own training is a matter of concern. Among important aspects in pre-primary teacher training is the utilization of instructional media to reinforce learning, motivate learners and make learning real. However, reviewed studies on pre-primary schools have established inadequate use of instructional media by pre-primary

Nyakwara Begi (PhD)
Senior Lecturer, Kenyatta University, Department Of Early Childhood & Special Needs Education, Box 43844, Nairobi
Transition Challenges Affecting Pupils’ Achievement Of Literacy Competencies In Early Years Education Curriculum In Vihiga County, Kenya
Children's transition from early childhood education level into grade one can sometimes be a challenging period. As children transit into grade one, some find the new school environment very challenging. The purpose of the study was to establish the level of grade one pupils' achievement in literacy competencies. The study also seeks to establish transition challenges grade one pupils experience

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