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Mohd Mahzan Awang
Faculty Of Education, National University Of Malaysia
A Comparative Study Of Leisure Activities Among Youth In Malaysia And China
The current study examines the youth participation in social activities and their attitude towards leisure. Specifically the current study examines types of leisure activities, their attitudes toward leisure in terms of participation, interest and preferences. A total number of 92 respondents from Malaysia and China have been randomly selected as participants of the current study. Data collection was carried outViewViews: 136

Dr. Mohd Mahzan Awang
Lecturer In Faculty Of Education, The National University Of Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor Malaysia
The Encouragement Of Social Environment In Volunteerism Activities And The Contribution To Patriotism Value Practice
The current study surveys how the social environment of the multi-ethnic youth in Malaysia affects their tendency in volunteerism activities and their motives of involvement; too how these aspects affect the practice of patriotism value among multi-ethnic youth. The aspects utilized in this research are based on the Ecological System and Social Capital Theories as well as the Volunteer EngagementViewViews: 70

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