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Lynda Dede Graham
Lecturer, Hotel Catering And Institutional Management Department (hcim), Accra Technical University, P.o. Box 561, Accra
Exploring The Product Development In Beetroot For Production Purposes
Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is usually consumed for its medical properties, mainly as antioxidant and immune boosting. Fifty (50) conveniently randomly selected students and staff of Accra Technical University were chosen on the bases that they are potential consumers of the various products that was developed. A semi-structured questionnaires were prepared for both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Shredded beetroots were

Lynda Dede Graham
Lecturer, Accra Technical University, Hotel Catering And Institutional Management (hcim), P. O. Box 561, Accra
Exploring The Use Of Tomatoes In Preparation Of Condiment
Tomatoes have immense nutritional benefits. However, its production and processing has not been fully harnessed in Ghana. Since the production of tomatoes is seasonal in Ghana, the prices of tomatoes are quite high during lean season and vice versa. The decline in tomatoes production in Ghana has been exacerbated by rotting of the tomatoes during harvest especially when the supply

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