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Dr. Susan Macharia
Lecturer, Mount Kenya University, P.o. Box, 34201000, Thika, Kenya
Critical Analysis On How Over Emphasis On Examination Influence Provision Of Quality Education In Secondary Schools In Kenya
The Kenyan society attaches a lot of value to examinations. This is witnessed by over-emphasis of mean score which is used as a measure to rank the academic performance of schools. Teachers have been always under pressure from school administration and parents to ensure students pass their examinations. Any student who does not attain set mean score is regarded as

Dr. Susan Macharia
School Of Education, Mount Kenya University, P.o Box 342-01000, Thika, Kenya
Critical Analysis Of The Strategies Used By The Secondary Schools In Enhancing National Examinations Performance In Kenya
Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE) is the bridge between basic education and higher education or University education in Kenya. As a result there is a lot of competition for the few places that are available in the government institutions for higher learning. As a result the schools have come up with a number of strategies to enhance the

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