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Bright Ignatius Djondo
Tutor, Department Of Mathematics & Ict, St. Teresa's College Of Education, Box 129, Hohoe. Volta
Factors Contributing To The Poor Performance In Mathematics: A Case Study Among Students’ In Colleges Of Education – Ghana
Students’ achievement in mathematics usually depends upon how they are able to construct mathematics concepts and their attitude towards the subject (mathematics). However, performance in Mathematics among level 100 students’ in Colleges of Education has not been the best persistently as compared to their second year performance. It can also be said to influence the participation rate of learners. This

Bright Ignatius Djondo
St. Teresa's College Of Education, Hohoe Mathematics & Ict Education Department, Box 129, Hohoe
Using Mutibase Block To Enhance Pre-service Teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge In Colleges Of Education, Ghana
This study investigated into whether the use of the multi-base block in addition to the guided discovery approach of teaching could improve teacher trainees' ability to teach addition and subtraction of decimals at the basic school level. Forty (40) students, made up of ten (10) from each of the four second year classes represented the population sample of the study.

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