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Combining Ability For Earliness,and Yield Among South Sudanese F1 Sorghum Genotypes
The development of staygreen genotypes through hybridization is an important food security strategy in the semi-arid tropics. This study used 36 sorghum synthetics obtained from a 6 x 6 full diallel mating design. The parents, F1 progenies and their reciprocals

Regularization Of Informal Settlements: " The Grave Of Biodiversity Footprints" The Case Of Kimara And Kwembe Wards In Ubungo Municipality
This study assesses the impact of regularization of informal settlements on biodiversity footprints in Ubungo Municipality. This has been impelled by growing of informal settlement regularization in the Municipality. However, the approach includes compromise in obtaining land for biodiversity enhancement.

Prevalence Of Student Sexual Harassment In Secondary Schools In Nyamira And Kiambu Counties, Kenya
Student Sexual Harassment (SSH) has become a pervasive problem in institutions of learning worldwide. Thousands of students are affected daily, regardless of their gender. Reports from both the electronic and print media attest to the presence of diverse forms of

Assessment Of Soil Properties In Kuru, Jos, Northern Guinea Savanna, Nigeria
A study on the assessment of the properties of soils was conducted in 2018 cropping seasons at the Research Farm of the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) Kuru, Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. Two profile pits were dug and

Determinants Of Access To Credit And Credit Source Choice By Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Under Interest Rate Capping In Kenya
This study aimed at investigating the determinants of access to credit and credit source choice by MSMEs in Kenya under the interest capping regime. More specifically, the study sought to unveil the determinants of credit access among the MSMEs and

Here We Go! Towards A Framework For Use Of Music Activities In Preschool Settings
Music activities are indispensable tools in the preschool classrooms, especially in the light of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) dispensation. Teachers strive to use them to keep the learner on task, to manage the classrooms, to expend excess energy,

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