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Accounting And Financial Reporting Practices As Tools For Service Delivery In The Public Service: The Case Of Ghana’s District Assemblies
This study analyzed how accounting and financial reporting as practiced in the District Assemblies (DAs) of Ghana influence service delivery. The research adopted the mixed methods research design where qualitative and quantitative data were gathered using questionnaires, interviews, focus group

Determinants Of Technical Efficiency Among Smallholder-maize Farmers In Dodoma Region, Tanzania. One Stage Stochastic Production Frontier Approach
One constraint in achieving industrialization and food security has been the smallness quantity produced by smallholder farmers in Tanzania. Low agricultural productivity and production inefficiency in maize smallholder farming community since independence have aggravated food insecurity by widening the gap

Awareness Of Mathematics And Biology Teachers’ Research Pedagogy, Material Resources And Assessment Strategies For Innovative Teaching In Uyo Municipality, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
The study investigated the awareness of mathematics and biology teachers’ research pedagogy, material resources and assessment strategies for innovative teaching in Uyo municipality. Three research questions were raised and a survey design was adopted for the study. The sample was

Loan Loss Accounting And Capital Adequacy Dynamics In Nigerian Commercial Banks
This study examines the loan loss accounting and capital adequacy dynamics in the Nigerian commercial banks within the panel data framework using yearly data for 15 commercial banks over a period of eleven years from 2005 to 2016. Capital adequacy

Investigation Of The Variability Of Signal Strength Of Wireless Services In Calabar South, Estern Nigeria
This work evaluated the path loss ad received signal strength level (RSSL) of a GSM (MTN) Network at 900MHz in Calabar South- Eastern Nigeria using Drive test. Low Quality of signal (QOS) was discovered in Calabar South within this period

Discovery Of Associated Items Using Apriori Algorithm For Chain Stores
In this study, we applied machine learning method using data mining technique for association of customers regular parts order. The study describes the application of data mining analysis to a distinctive transaction database containing information about customers purchasing items of

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