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It was a very good experience. I highly appreciate your professionalism and being time conscious...
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Its a great experience with your journal. In future, I will love to work with you again...

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The Decline Of The Indus Civilisation
This paper analyses all the aspects of why the Indus/Harappan civilisation collapsed, these reasons cover all aspects of what is essential to a society including environmental reasons, reasons related to migration, abandonment, availability of food and economic elements, and how

Effects Of Customer Relationship Management Practices On Bank's Profitability: The Case Of Bank Of Abyssinia, Ethiopia
Business people started using the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) since 20th century when the concept of marketing changed from transactional to relational. Nowadays CRM has the potential for achieving success and growth for organizations in the environment of stiff

Farming Households Description On Causes Of 2010 Flood Disaster In Sokoto State, Nigeria
The study identified 178 farming households affected by the 2010 flood disaster that described the causes of 2010 flood disaster in Sokoto State, Nigeria. The questionnaire with 1.0 reliability coefficient was used for the collection of primary data, while descriptive

Designing Appropriate Social Protection Programs To Address The Needs Of The Poor: A Case Study Of Ghana
The concept and practice of social protection has gained prominence over the last decade in developing countries. This rise to prominence has led to growing consensus around the globe that social protection constitutes an effective response to the issues of

Influence Of Human Resource Management Team Characteristics On Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Tertiary Institutions In Kenya
A firm gains competitive advantage by developing or by acquiring a unique set of attributes or conducts its business in a unique manner that makes it outperform competitors. This study therefore was guided by two variables namely: Team Proficiency and

Vulnerability Of Farming Households To 2010 Flood Disaster In Sokoto State, Nigeria
The study determined the vulnerability of farming households to the 2010 flood disaster in Sokoto State, Nigeria. The sample size of 178 vulnerable farming households was selected for the study. The structured questionnaire subjected to validity test was used as

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