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I am greatly impressed by your swiftness and due diligence in publishing my research paper....
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A news report has been published based on article in Researchjournali's Journal of Education...
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Thank you for publishing. I can say is that you are indeed truthful and I will come back again...
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It was a very good experience. I highly appreciate your professionalism and being time conscious...
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Its a great experience with your journal. In future, I will love to work with you again...

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A Critique Of The Effectiveness Of Modern Philosophies Of Education In Africa
Using Philosophical- Critical Method, this paper sought to examine the effectiveness of modern philosophies of education in Africa in solving African social, political and economic problems. This goal has been achieved through tackling two objectives: First, to investigate the Modern

Cybersecurity At The Heart Of Technological Apogee And Future Development
The era of computerization pushing further and further the possibilities of accessing sensitive data via computer networks, which exposes both individuals and businesses to serious harm in the event of unsafe these. This aspect is highly sensitive, which makes it

Organic Matter Content Of Soils Formed On Biotite-granite Parent Material On The Jos Plateau, Nigeria
Agriculture has remained one of the most important sectors of the Nigerian economy. Apart from feeding the bulk of her population, it is estimated that it provides employment for more than 31% of the work force. It has become even

Relationship Between Employee Performance And Customer Service Quality In Kenya Bureau Of Standards
Customer service quality in organizations is often affected by poor employee performance, lack of staff training on necessary skills. These challenges lead to organizations loss of customers, decreased profits, and delays in service delivery, lack of morale that leads

Association Between Central-local Administrative Relations And Land Policy Implementation
This research interrogated the association between central-local administrative relations and land policy implementation in the Districts of Kasese, Sheema and Bushenyi in Uganda since the Uganda National Land Policy (UNLP) 2013. Using mixed methods design data was collected from 436

Efficacy Of Central-local Financial Relations In Land Policy Implementation
Land is progressively acknowledged as a major governance problem all over the world (UN-Habitat, 2014). This study sought to find out central-local financial relations and land policy implementation in the Districts of Kasese, Sheema and Bushenyi in Uganda since the

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