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Microbial Growth In Diesel Fuel
This research seeks to investigate the impacts of uncontrolled microbial contamination on diesel fuel quality and also how to minimize the microbial growth. For diesel fuel to be considered as standard fuel, it must contain only 0.2 cm3 of water

Philosophical Analysis Of The Family As An Educational Unit: Annotations From Ubuntu And Confucian Philosophies
This study sought to re examine the role of family unit in educational endeavours of its children from Confucian and Ubuntu perspectives. Using analytic method, the study philosophically analyses selected educational aims for child upbringing. It also sought to analyse

Perceptions Of Principals, Heads Of Departments And Teachers Regarding Principals’ Effective Instructional Supervision In Enhancing Teacher Professional Competency
The purpose of this study was to examine the Perceptions of Principals, Heads of Department and Teachers regarding effectiveness of Principals’ Instructional Supervision in Enhancing Teacher professional competency..This study adopted Developmental Supervision Theory by Glickman et al. Descriptive survey design

Silent Leaders! The Role Of Director Of Studies (dos) In School Leadership. A Case Of Secondary Schools In Soroti District, Uganda
Director of Studies position constitutes part of the top leadership team that supports all components of instructional programs in secondary schools. However, literature that highlights their leadership role is limited. The study seeks to voice their contribution in recognition of

A Comparison Of Market Oriented Behaviour As A Driver Of Business Reputation Among Small And Medium Service Enterprises In Sokoto State, Nigeria
This study examined the significance of market oriented behaviour on favourable business reputation in small and medium service firms via a cross-sectional survey research design. Data was collected quantitatively from 174 stratified and proportionately determined firms and from 522 purposively

Knowledge Of Osteoporosis And The Associated Factors Among Premenopausal Women Aged 18-52 Years Attending Maternal Child Health (mch) Clinics At Gatundu And Thika Level Five Hospitals, Kenya
Background: Osteoporosis (OP) is a skeletal disease characterized by low bone quality and mineral density. Although knowledge regarding health plus health services is critical for defining patients’ health beliefs besides attitudes and values, little is known about its role in

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